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About Us

LYSTRA & DERBY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a wholly Ghanaian company incorporated under the laws of Ghana, Nigeria and England, limited by shares to undertake:

  1. • Aviation-Sea, Air & land ground based Navigation, Approach, Meteorological,   Communication & Security Systems and Fiber Optic Infrastructure.
  2. • Health- Hospital & Mobile clinics, Medical & laboratory equipment, Laboratory ware &   Glass equipment and Medical Gas systems
  3. • Electro-Mechanical-Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Industrial   Kitchen & Laundry equipment
  4. • Process Automation- Industrial, Airports, Government and Commercial Buildings
  5. • Transport Systems- Urban transit & Intercity, Main line & Metro Rail and Bus systems
  6. •  Financing- Turn-key Project financing based on DBFO, BOT, DBOM etc

in addition to:

  1. Logistics
  2. Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering & Contracting

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