Clivet For Residential

Clivet offers solutions dedicated to different installation needs of residential buildings, improving the energy efficiency class and therefore its value. "Complete systems", simplifying the installation and granting comfort all the year round:

  • Heating

  • Cooling

  • Sanitary hot water production

  • Change of air and air purification

The single installation, using from 75 to 100% of renewable energy, made of optimized and highly industrialized devices, coordinated by a single controller, using in the most efficient way the features of every component, granting a good result in terms of reliability, efficiency and comfort.


Systems granting up to 50% primary energy savings if compared to combustion systems and the total elimination of the direct emissions of CO2 or injurious gases.


The advantage to develop integrated systems is quite big because it allows to simplify the installations by supplying only the components that are required and that can be connected each other so that the installation is simple, with a lower cost, maximising the energy saving and improving the comfort inside the ambient.

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