PA/VA systems for Stadiums and Sports Centers - LDA AudioTech

The sound system in stadiums is concerned with reinforcement and distribution of announcements coming from the press box and from the field.

LDA features the perfect solution for large venues with many zones such as stadiums. It handles message routing, public announcements, emergency voice evacuation, commentary for events and background music. Our system also includes advanced signal processing for perfect speech intelligibility.

The system’s multi-zone functionality easily meets the challenging requirements of today’s large sports stadiums, each zone with their specific zone requirements.

LDA equipment racks are distributed throughout the stadium and interconnected via Ethernet cables. All the control and monitoring can be located locally or remotely connected to internet.

The solution also controls user rights and permissions, to avoid unauthorized accesses.

LDA equipment is playing in many of the world's leading stadiums — including Ricardo Tormo, a World reference in racing and Caja Magica stadium, a site for the grand slam tournament ATP Madrid tennis.


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