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The perfect audio solution in large and medium venues

The SONORA system has been installed in airports, metro networks, hospitals, corporate buildings and big shopping malls among many others, because it delivers the quality, flexibility and audio power necessary in multizone venues with big amplification zones.

The STV amplifier series from the SONORA product family, allows up to 4 output channels of 400W each, in 100V or 70V lines (without the need of external converter) in a 2U size equipment. In this way, large zones can be covered with only one STV amplifier.

High quality professional sound

Whether if it is voice messages, announcements or back ground music, the sound will be clear and with a high quality sound that even surpass what is normally achieved in most concert halls.

Both multichannel audio matrix systems ZES from the SONORA product family, and the STV amplifiers, have an integrated digital signal processor (DSP). They offer 24 bits of digital audio per channel at 48 KHz and have balanced inputs and outputs.

Additionally, the system allows an acoustic adaptation specific for each location and thanks to the LDA Dynamic Sound Adjust technology, the audio level can be automatically adjusted depending on the noise and the number of people present in each zone.

Limitless scalable system

It does not matter how big the installation is because the scalability of the system is limitless either in the number of inputs or amplification zones.

Distributed DIGITAL IP system

SONORA system is fully digital and works over standard Ethernet networks which saves installation efforts, time and costs.

Say goodby to the old precarious systems, because now you have the flexibility to create a fully distributed networked system where each element intelligently communicates with the rest.

In this way, you can also take full advantage of the benefits of the management, control and supervision in the cloud that the software SIME offers. With SIME you will have a total control of the system using any desired device (iPad, smartphone, PC, etc.) no matter you are.

Open technology, easy to integrate with third party systems

Since it uses standard and open protocols, SONORA allows an easy integration with third party systems (intercomms, digital signage, IP telephony, etc.).

For instance, Renkus Heiz intelligent acoustic solutions are directly integrated with the SONORA system, and through the SIME software we can control the Iconix line arrays surround speakers. These advanced systems, offer a high quality focused sound beam in order to cover big areas perfectly.

Voice evacuation system EN 60849

The SONORA system is certified accordingly to the EN 60849 standard, providing a secure and controlled voice evacuation in emergency situations.

In the SONORA product family, the control and monitoring equipment ASC and the back up amplifier switcher ISL guarantee the system redundancy and the continuous functioning of the voice evacuation system.

The LDA SONORA system is present in important shopping centers such as “El Corte Ingl├ęs”, Carrefour, IKEA or the Real Plaza (Peru), as well as in Barajas airport or the metro networks from Seville and Bilbao among others. More and more clients from all around the world benefit from the innovation, quality and reliability of LDA Audio Tech solutions.


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