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The SIME system is the software platform of control, configuration and management for LDA Public Address and Voice Alarm systems, and it is based on the concept, "an expert in charge of the system". At the same time, SIME is a complete and modern audio content distribution system over the IP network.

We are aware, that every day, the evolution of constructions and infrastructures require systems that fit perfectly with present philosophy in every project. For that reason, our systems are conceived to be totally flexible and capable to fulfill every requirement that today’s intallations could demand.

Pre-recorded message scheduler

The module SIME calendar, offers a message scheduler that allows you to choose the days, hours, and specific zones where you want the message to be played.

For example: We can set a welcome message that will be played in every entry zone, in several buildings, at the opening time.

Simple integration with third-party solution

SIME helps building open and versatile ecosystems that include modules from different manufacturers, facilitating the customization and evolution of the work processes of each company. Intelligent Acustic Solutions, Digital Signage, Intercomms or SIP telephony are technologies already integrated with the SIME platform.


Multi-platform access from anywhere

SIME can be managed from every possible platform: tablet, smartphone, PC, Mac, etc. This means that no matter where you are, SIME will be accessible.

This is possible because the platform follows the philosophy of LDA technologies and has been developed with state-of-the-art software development tools.

Access control and security

SIME is designed according to the criteria of security and scalability, which can be as well applied to other integrated systems: access control, user profiles, different control points, etc.

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