PA/VA systems for Hospitals - LDA AudioTech

Health care systems are designed to meet the health care needs of target populations. LDA equipment is designed to give you the greatest efficiency and adaptability on your system.

Often times, visiting a medical office or healthcare facility can be stressful for patients and family members. LDA offers the finest in hospital and healthcare paging system in order to create the most comforting environment possible for the patientes.

Our hospital paging system represents the latest in state of the art paging technology and is engineered to meet the most demanding standards.

Using the SIME software platform with LDA systems such as NEO or SONORA, priovides hospitals, clinics and doctors offices great flexibility to communicate with staff members more efficiently. It can also be integrated with intercom systems and IP telephony, so you will save money and gain features on your installation.

With 35 years experience of sound and communications systems in healthcare sites of all descriptions and sizes, we can easily tailor a solution for your requirements.

We are currently engaged on a number of new build primary care centers in Spain, supplying background music and public address systems.


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