PA/VA systems for Educational Institutions

When a layperson thinks of "acoustics", he is aware of the importance of good acoustical design in concert halls, theaters, cinemas or auditoriums, but not always their time in classrooms where little or no attention may have been given to the acoustical environment.

In the USA, parents and education professionals have been working hard to ensure that classrooms are not subject to unnecessary noise that interferes with education. One of the most important steps in this effort was the establishment, in June, 2002, of a new standard for classroom acoustics. ANSI/ASA S12.60-2002, developed by the Acoustical Society of America.

LDA Audio Tech, recognizes that the acoustical environment in a classroom or other educational environment is a critical variable in the academic, psychoeducational, and psychosocial development of student. Inappropriate levels of reverberation and/or noise can deleteriously affect speech perception, reading/spelling ability, classroom behavior, attention, concentration, and educational achievement. In addition to compromising student function, poor classroom acoustics may also negatively affect teacher performance and increase vocal pathologies and absenteeism.

All these reasons, have bring LDA to investigate in this field achieving a leading role with the systems NEO and Sonora, present in important Spanish Universities: University of Cadiz, European University of Madrid, Politechnical University of Madrid, or Rey Juan Carlos University.


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