PA/VA systems for Auditoriums and Conference Centers

Museums and auditoriums require exceptional audio components from the microphones all the way to the loudspeakers. LDA solutions are designed to manage all aspects of a system’s signal chain including processing, routing and distribution.

LDA makes it easy to bring excitement and atmosphere to your hotel's sound system. Our system will make your customer's experience unique. Within the lobby of a hotel or behind the closed doors of a room, control and order must be maintained. In these multi-source environments controlling and monitoring many audios can be challenging.

In a collaborative environment, an exhibition center must provide clarity and intelligibility, both for local and distant participants. A sound system can make or break an exhibition center, and loudspeaker management is one of the most crucial determining factors. For this purpose, LDA intelligent acoustic solutions provide tools such filters, EQs, crossovers, delays, and other dynamics modules.

Educational environments first and foremost must be conducive to learning, and intelligibility is key. Our easily integrated control protocols merge LDA systems with 3rd party devices for multi-media presentations.


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