PA/VA systems for Airports - LDA AudioTech

Airports are places that often reflect the economic and tourist of a city.

In recent years, airports have become the transit points more vulnerable to security related risks. When emergencies arise, the LDA voice alarm systems, such as SONORA or NEO play a crucial role in ensuring rapid and safe evacuation for all occupants.

LDA provides the best performance in its solutions, providing a voice evacuation system integrated and combined with the PA system with user-friendly interfaces for the user and simple configuration. In addition to being certified according to the latest European safety standards such as EN-54 and EN-60849, LDA systems at airports connect with digital signage, allowing in case of an emergency, to indicate the way out by arrows in the Mupis.

This makes the system perfect for large and small airports. So much so, that Madrid-Barajas Airport, the largest airport in Europe, with 45 million passengers per year, has relied on LDA Audio Tech technology for the installation of the PA/VA system. Either NEO or SONORA are able to differentiate several zones in large space areas, and can be managed in the cloud from any mobile device through the software SIME"


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